The website is a heritage map as plug-in, add-on or extension of the Non-Aligned World exhibition in cyberspace, and it aims to mark, add, and from the perspective of a city (Belgrade) present the monumental aspect of the non-aligned world. It is called a heritological map because it aims to view "hard" and "soft" monuments of non-alignment, as well as its markers, features, various actions, events and memorials within the framework of heritage remembrence culture (Lat. Heredium, Eng. Heritage) and "the social social life of thingsˮ. Numerous signs are mapped, which in the form of museums, parks, fountains, sebils, murals, mosaics, street names, memorial plaques, or in the form of photographs of events, protests, acts, gestures, ephemeral spectacles or excerpts from collective memory, often contain conflicting and inconsistent traces of history. They are both harbingers and messengers of anti-colonial values, expressions of solidarity, advocates of equality, but also witnesses of hasty, temporary solutions, intensive and unfinished materialisations of grandiose plans, and the wandering passage of time that has trapped them in inappropriate reconstructions, imperceptible declines, inevitable acts of forgetting. A complete map of non-aligned Belgrade lacks certain information, data and materials, because they had not been found at the time of writing. Fortunately, there is an awareness that this map (like any other map) is imperfect and incomplete. In the spirit of solidarity-based cooperation of the non-aligned world, we therefore invite participants to the process of this map’s joint completion. Perhaps a sense of long duration, search, elusiveness, incorruptibility, but also the joy having resolved a detective dilemma or story, awakens mutual satisfaction that the Museum of African Art aims to nurture. We will be happy to include and classify every suggestion, recommendation, correction and, of course – new non-alignment location. This heritological map may seem complex at first glance, but in fact it is familiar to all of us, logical and strange, provocative and mysterious like remembrance/memory itself. The purpose of this project is to mark Non-Aligned signs “NAM WORLDWIDE”. Send your stories and photographs with GPS coordinates to: and read about details and information needed here.

Mapping concept: Ana Knežević

Web developer: Aleksandar Ristić

Design: 3 Oranges Design

Museum of African Art – The Veda and Dr. Zdravko Pečar Collection